Canada back on F1 Calendar

by Alasdair Lindsay

Organisers of the Canadian GP confirmed the Montreal event would be returing to Formula One from next year.

The track had already been on the provisional calendar for next year, however there were no guarantees the race would go ahead until this announcement.

“I am very happy, and fully satisfied, with this outcome,” said Normand Legault, CEO of Grand Prix F1 du Canada. “I have always been confident of being able to resolve the dispute, given the in-depth understanding I have had to develop of the Formula 1 racing situation in Canada.”

“And I am especially pleased that an announcement is forthcoming to the effect that the Canadian Grand Prix will be back on the FIA calendar as of 2010. I never doubted that the Canadian race would regain its rightful place on the FIA schedule, and my discussions with F1 management led me to believe that the event would return soon.”

This was the first year the Canadian GP was not present on the calendar since 1987, which also meant the F1 Circus didn’t even make an appearance in North America this year.

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