Loeb Looks To Sordo For Championship Help

Sebastien Loeb is relying on help from his team-mate Dani Sordo in the remaining two rallies of 2009.

Loeb looked to be in control of the championship after Rally Australia, but following the penalties given to him and Sordo, the task is harder.

“With two rallies left, the situation looks much more difficult,” Loeb told L’Equipe. “Of course, it is not permanently broken. Despite winning the next two rallies, it would be inadequate in the event that Mikko [Hirvonen] comes second each time.”

The next rally is in Spain where Loeb and Sordo have finished 1-2 for the last three years.

“We must therefore rely on the help of Dani [Sordo] to squeeze between, or a bad performance from Hirvonen. In other words, I am now obliged to win in Catalonia and Wales, hoping that my opponent does not finish behind me every time. I am no longer in control.”

“We had given everything in the race to win. It was achieved after a big fight at all times. After four months without success, the victory achieved on the gravel allowed us to begin to restore the situation. It has eventually escaped us and this could have big consequences.”