Badoer to enter F1 in 2011?

The Checkered Flag has obtained what appears to be a press release stating Luca Badoer‘s intention to enter the Formula One World Championship in 2011, while driving for his own team.

Badoer F1 Team claims it has purchased factory space in Leafield, former home of the Arrows and Super Aguri teams over the years, as well as a Ferrari engine supply.

This is a great moment for me,” Badoer was quoted as saying. “I will be racing in Formula One, the sport I love, driving in my own car. It is a dream come true!”

Badoer F1 have also claimed to have hired ex-Scuderia Toro Rosso Technical Director Gabriele Tredozi as their new Technical Director, as well as Gilles Simon, who recently left his post as head of Engine and Electronics department at Ferrari.

Concerning the team’s future, Badoer said, “I am confident you will see two Badoer F1 cars on the starting grid of the first GP of 2011.”

You can read the full Press Release we obtained here.

  • a. lightheart

    if anyone believes this crap, they are the dumbest idiots on earth.

  • lc81

    This must be a hoax. Someone added a link to the cite to Wikipedia recently. As you can see, it looks pretty amateurish.

  • @lc81 As far as I know, the two are unrelated. And yes, that website is definitely a fake, they just photoshopped at Force India VJM02.

  • hardlads

    I heard about this it was on BBC sport!

  • Steven Jones

    I was at the BadoerF1 press conference today, and it is all happening! The idea sounded really good as well!

  • lc81

    Yeah, yeah. Funny that the “press conference” doesn’t appear to have generated any press coverage.

  • Thegreenmile

    I live in Leafield and haven’t heard any local gossip about this

  • Luca Badoer

    Strop dissing my new f1 team

  • Mitchy

    Are you that much of an idiot? as if luca badoer would come on a website n reply to comments like that hes a busy man besides what italian man (i herd him talk at the 2009 european grand prix) hes not that brilliant wiht english so i highly doubt he would say “Dissing” whoever made this up is an idiot and you my friend are a bigger 1…let luca decide if he wants to come bk to racing it isnt anyones choice to say apart from his…

  • Ha yeah, joke gone bad. Though you’re kinda an idiot for believing such out of date nonsense :P
    Why is this still generating traffic? It should be dead by now…I only reposted it on April 1st.

  • I heard on that Badoer F1 Team will be entering Formula Nippon

  • Mitchy

    it wont the badoer f1 team DOESNT EXSIST…fullstop.

  • Kerr Preston

    Hey Mitchy,

    Actually ill have you know that “Badoer F1 Team” was a code name for the new team “Cur F1”, who are entering in 2015.

    Love Kerr

  • Rofoofighters

    any more news on this???