Donington’s F1 hopes fade

According to reports from BBC, Donington Park‘s hopes of hosting the British Grand Prix for 2010 look to be over after the latest fund-raising attempts failed.

Earlier this month a bond was issued to try to raise £135m, it seems though that these measures have fallen through with the bonds now being withdrawn.

There has been no comment from Simon Gillett or Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd, the company that operates the circuit, but they have faced legal and planning problems since being given the reigns to the British Grand Prix.

Keep a look out on TCF for further news.

  • Maureen Mackay

    Donnington has has long enough to raise the money so let’s knock it on the head and announce that it will be at Silverstone for 2010 and for the next 10 years at least and let them start selling the tickets. Silverstone should commit to improve the pit lane and then be given another 10 years.

  • I went to Donington last year and I don’t see how they even thought they were in with a chance… so much work to be done for F1, may be a great track for MotoGP but compare it to Silverstone for F1 and it’s no where near! As for access, Donington can be a nightmare, Silverstone has spent so much money on new access roads, I know where I’d rather be!

  • I don’t really care whether they race at Donnington or Silverstone, just as long as they RACE! Heck, if resurrecting the Birmingham Superprix is the only way to save the British GP, then let’s do it!

  • Haha, Birmingham! wow that’s one I never thought of! there is probably more chance of that than a GP at Donington! haha