A1GP – The final nail in the coffin?

A1GP has been left in limbo after it was announced that further rounds have been cancelled.

With the opening round at Surfers Paradise in Australia cancelled, the news that the China and Malaysia rounds have been cancelled don’t bode well for the series.

Along with this news Autosport is reporting that the administrators in control of A1GP are hoping to sell the entire fleet of cars to someone who wants to run the series, but it also pointed out that the cars will need to be modifies to meet the FIA’s new head-restraint and side-impact regulations.

With the least of the hangar which was used for the A1GP at Silverstone expiring last week the cars and equipment have been placed in storage.

A number of key personnel have also left the series which doesn’t appear to have much of a future now.

  • This competition is dead and been cremated. I’m certain it’ll be revived in another 5yrs as Formula-Nesferatu or something. The core idea of a world cup of motorsports is just too attractive to let die forever. Personally I loved it, crying shame.

  • I like the idea behind the series, but never really been that interested in A1GP itself, not sure why, just never really got in to it.

  • I think part of the problem is the quality, or at least recogniable-ness, of the drivers is pretty limited outside of racing anoraks.

    Also visiting tracks like Taupo and Sentul might be fine for the local fans and sponsors but is unlikely to draw the same crowds, at the track or on TV, as a race at more well known circuits.

  • Think you’ve hit the nail on the head there James!

  • Apparently the rounds have been postponed and not cancelled according to someone at A1GP.

    Still…doesn’t look great does it!

  • CC Gonzalez

    A1GP owe vast amounts of money, and the cars failed the mandatory crash test and they couldn’t afford to modify them.

  • I supported A1 GP because it was similar to the European Formula Drivers Association’s (EFDA) Formula Opel Nations Cup from the 80’s and 90’s. I attended the first race at Brands Hatch and the U.S. Round at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The first race was ostentatious and by the time they got to California, there was no promotion! The bad weather didn’t help.

    Unfortunately the organization is/was operated by racers and no one had a grasp of a business plan. They were too busy with the facade to really pay attention to the important stuff. I have comments on my webpage about A1 GP.