Kobayashi targets new teams for 2010 drive

As the dust settled in Abu Dhabi, Kamui Kobayashi looked set to become a fully fledged Toyota F1 driver after a great performance in the last two races, unfortunately for the young Japanese driver Toyota pulled out of Formula One days later.

So with that door firmly closed Kobayashi is looking for a drive for 2010, talking to theF1times he revealed that he has set his sights on one of the 4 new teams.

“Obviously my seat at Toyota is gone, I was close to signing the contract for 2010, but with four new teams, and a couple of current ones with no confirmed drivers, there are options, but to the current teams, I am a “risk”, which isn’t very good for my morale really. I do believe I’ll get a seat, if I had to choose a team, I’d choose Lotus. The name is enough really.”

“They're [Toyota] working with myself and my agent to help me find a seat, they are doing the same for Kazuki Nakajima as well, Toyota explained to me that they couldn't compete in the sport no longer but will help me in my career as much as possible.”

He revealed he is in contact with a number of teams, saying: “A couple of teams, new teams really. McLaren are out of my league, Ferrari are the same, Renault I'm not sure of, Red Bull are secure, Brawn have Rosberg I think, Williams are done, I do not even know if Sauber will be here next year, Toro Rosso just want the same drivers. I think for me, my options are the four new teams really.”

Unfortunately for Kobayashi, he obviously hadn’t heard Mike Gascoyne’s earlier comments: “We are looking for two drivers with experience,” he told AUTOSPORT. “We are not looking for pay drivers or new drivers. We think that is very important for the team.”

“What is becoming clear to every one of the new teams is that we have gone from last to first of the new teams very rapidly. We are being seen as a serious entity. We have got quite a lot of interest, but we want two experienced drivers there.”