Ken Block on WRC and his season ahead

Entrepreneur and extreme sports madman Ken Block is set to join the WRC circus for 2010 with Ford, speaking to fans on the Ford website he revealed some of his thoughts.

Talking of the Ford works deal that is in place for 2010 he said that he’d been working on it for around a year and was grateful to Ford for presenting him with the opportunity to race worldwide on the WRC series.

In preparation for the season ahead he talked of the importance of seat time “I just need lots of it in all the new cars. But, so far, I have not had time to get back to the UK and drive the WRC car. I will very soon though…and I am really looking forward to it. That WRC Focus is AMAZING.”

Asked if he had any worries about going up against the other seasoned drivers he quickly brushed them off: “I don’t have any apprehensions about meeting any of the drivers (I know most of them)”

He did reveal that he has yet to meet six time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb and was a bit nervous “I have never had the chance to meet him and I have a HUGE amount of respect for him. He’s the best ever in a rally car and I hope to someday have just a bit of the consistency that he has” adding “I crash a bit too often still…need to improve on that this year!).”

As a strong supporter of Subaru over the years Block was asked about leaving the manufacturer and the importance of heading over to Ford, “The most important part is creating a good situation for success. So, I have brought along all the people (that I could) that have helped with my success. I have a great team manager, marketing manager, and co-driver. Plus, with Olsbergs MSE and M-Sport as the car builders, I feel that my future on the car side is incredibly strong.”

With the Block’s WRC series kicking off Mexico he talked of his excitement: “I am really stoked about the Mexico WRC race. I enjoy those roads and it’s always a great experience going to that area. Plus, it’s my first race in a WRC car! I have been watching the TV program from 2008 to get ready…I am already starting to get a bit nervous about that one.”

Block was asked why he chose Ford over a potential Works Subaru drive in the IRC series and was quick to reply to the question: “That’s an easy question…because I wanted to drive the top level rally car in the world…the WRC car!”