Petrov practices pit stops and wet weather running

by David Bean

Renault's testing was again restricted today after further unsettled weather in Jerez.

Vitaly Petrov, Renault's new driver, completed 56 laps in the new R30, providing his team with useful mileage on the wet and intermediate tyre compounds.

Petrov was pleased with the chance to practice pit stops and get experience on a damp track, but hopes for drier running in the next testing session. “It was cold and wet once again today, but we still did some useful work in the wet conditions and practiced pit stops, which is good experience for me. I’m now hoping that the final test in Barcelona will give us better weather so I can do some dry running before we arrive in Bahrain.”

Alan Permane, Renault Chief Engineer, voiced the team's annoyance at the adverse weather. “It was another frustrating day with the changeable weather, but we made the most of it to run both the wet and intermediate tyres. In the afternoon, when the track was damp, we chose to carry out some procedural work, including practice pit stops. Overall Vitaly was quite happy with the car and showed good pace today.”

Robert Kubica will take over testing duties for the remaining two days in Jerez.

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