Vettel and Red Bull unhappy with weather

Sebastian Vettel was again in the new Red Bull RB6 in Jerez today, and again his running was hampered by rain.

The team had intended to carry out more aero-testing and set-up work, but intermittent showers and strong winds prevented this and Vettel could only take to the track with wet or intermediate tyres. One consolation was that Vettel managed 71 laps without reliability problems.

Vettel complained how the Spanish weather had adversely affected Red Bull's testing programme, “The weather has been pretty bad over the last couple of days, which meant we couldn't do a lot of our planned testing, although it's been the same for everyone. It's a shame, as this is one of our three pre-season tests and last week the weather was quite bad also – it seems that Spain is not so happy to have us here!

However, he was positive about the car's development, and hoped that his teammate would have better luck with the weather at the Jerez circuit tomorrow and Saturday. “Nevertheless, we have still got some important work done and the car has been reliable; we didn't have any problems. Hopefully we will have better weather in Barcelona next week and conditions will improve here for Mark over the next couple of days.”