Cosworth happy with reliability and performance of new F1 engine

Cosworth, who will be powering Williams, Lotus, Virgin, and any of the other new teams who make it to the grid next season, are sounding positive about their new CA2010 V8 engines after the end of a month of testing.

In the four pre-season tests, Cosworth-engined cars completed 11,336 km, which equated to 2,547 laps in Valencia, Jerez and Barclona. The company are taking great satisfaction in the reliability shown throughout February, and the performance of the new unit looks promising as well, with Nico Hulkenburg topping the timesheets on the Friday of the Barcelona test.

General Manager of Cosworth’s F1 Business Unit, Mark Gallagher, is pleased with the engine manufacturer return to the F1 paddock. “The Barcelona test brought to a satisfactory conclusion Cosworth’s pre-season testing activities, our overall targets having been met with a particular emphasis on proving  the  durability  of  the  CA2010  and  developing  solid  working  relationships  with  each  of  our  customer  teams.

“These were pivotal weeks for us, and it is of great credit to our design, development, manufacturing, build, test and track support staff that our return to the F1 circuit has started positively. There is much work to come, of course, and busy days ahead of us as we prepare with our teams for the Bahrain Grand Prix.”

Sam Michael, Technical Director of Williams, praised Cosworth for the engine they have produced. “Cosworth have done a great job getting the CA2010 race ready over  the  past  four  tests.  It’s  been  an  intensive  schedule  for  everyone,  but  Cosworth  have  met  the  challenge and delivered everything we needed them to. We’re satisfied with their development rate and the work they’ve done on the integration of the engine with the chassis. They’ve done a particularly good job with reliability as well.”