Good Week, Bad Week 3

The fight for survival in F1 has been dragging on for what feels like years now, and is still dominating the headlines. Stefan GP (Hans Heyer GP), Campos (Midland) and USF1 (Mastercard Lola) are all still fighting between themselves to get to Bahrain.

At least this week there appears to be two clear winners – unless of course Windsor/Anderson/Hurley can pull off a miracle.

Eric Broadley couldn’t, so why would USF1 manage it?

If you failed maths at school, you’re not going to enjoy this…

King of The HillAnyone that has been testing
It doesn’t matter if you’re Ferrari, McLaren, Renault or even Lotus – if you’ve been testing this year, you’re ahead of 20% of Formula One right now (assuming Stefan GP is only 60% of an F1 team…which it probably is). Di Grassi may have smashed up the rear end of the Virgin, ironically more than once, but at least they’ve had a car running on a track.

Rising UpJose Maria Lopez’s Management
He’s on the shopping list of two F1 teams after spending the last two years in Argentinian Touring Cars. $8 Million or not, thats like me suddenly having Autosport and F1 Racing offering me jobs out of the blue. Even if F1 Racing were about to go bust anyway, nobody ever saw it coming…

Average JoeStefan GP
Down one place because their ambitions were taken down a notch by Bridgestone with a point blank refusal to supply tyres to the Serbs for their planned Portimao test. With just over a week left until the first practise session of the 2010 Formula One World Championship and with 1.something cars still in their race bays at Cologne, the chances of them racing at Bahrain are looking slimmer by the day.

Midfield MediocrityWhatever the heck that Spanish team is called now…YouTube Camping Midland?
Dallara had supposedly finished the car and were simply awaiting payment from what was Campos – it’s been a week now and still no sign of it. Or did they get fed up and sell their car to the IRL instead? I wouldn’t blame them for it really, it’s got a better chance of being used there than it does in F1.

Rock BottomUtterly S***e Grand Prix Entrant
USF1 are the biggest joke since Mastercard Lola in 1997 – if anything even more so, considering at one point Lola actually had a major backer – even if it was only for 10 days. No car, no money, no progress, nothing. Who knows, maybe USF1 was simply a figment of Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson’s imaginations? Their circumstances have taken such a bad turn they’ve asked the FIA to miss the entire season. Come on guys, you missed your cue to exit about 3 months ago. Hurry up before someone decides to give you a rather forceful shove out the F1 door instead.