Teams face “many unknowns” over tyres in Monaco

Bridgestone have said that both their medium and super soft tyre compounds have performed well during free practice in Monaco today.

Fernando Alonso was fastest in both sessions today; this morning the Spaniard used the medium compound to set his fastest lap, and this afternoon it was the super soft tyre on his F10

Hirohide Hamashima, Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, summarised today’s running from the tyre company’s point of view: “Today we had good weather conditions in the morning and at the start of the afternoon practice session, however after that it became cooler and light rain fell on the track.

“In the morning the warm-up of the medium compound was quite good for this circuit and the track was showing good improvement before the rain started falling. I am happy that we were able to show that the allocation of the medium and super soft gave very reasonable performance today.”

However, Bridgestone cannot predict how the teams will use their tyre allocations over the weekend. “It is a challenge to predict the track condition as there is no F1 running tomorrow and we don't know what the weather will do,” says explains Hamashima. Initial conclusions from the data is that the super soft tyre should be able to last a reasonable distance if used at the start of the race, and the medium compound will deliver strong performance once it is warmed up.

“However, the track condition and weather have been very variable so far this week so we really face many unknowns.”