Ferrari Founder Honoured At University Of Modena

by David Bean

A ceremony took place on Wednesday to officially name the University of Modena’s Faculty of Engineering in honour of Enzo Ferrari, the Prancing Horse founder.

Chairman Luca di Montezemolo and vice-chairman Piero Ferrari were both in attendance. “My father always believed in young people – right from the time he founded the company,” said Piero Ferrari. “Proof of that is that he called in Luca di Montezemolo as his assistant when he wasn't much over 20.”

“I learned a lot from Enzo Ferrari,” said di Montezemolo. “I learned to give young people responsibility, to never give in, to always look ahead. Naming the faculty of engineering after Enzo Ferrari is a great acknowledgement both of the founder himself and Ferrari as a whole.

“Like all the other companies in the area, our relationship with the University is fundamental. It's an open University that will always be able to count on its relationship and dialogue with Ferrari.”

Montezemolo has some encouraging words for the many students attending the ceremony. “It's important for the company, for Modena and for the nation as a whole that young people that deserve to are given the opportunity to shine.”

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