FIA To Increase Front Wing Flex Test

The FIA has announce that it will bring in further tests to rule out any further controversy surrounding the flexible front wing.

Following complaints from various teams about the Red Bull and Ferrari wins the FIA wrote to teams after the Hungarian Grand Prix announcing they would be increasing the load deflection tests to prevent teams being able to run flexible wings.

Article 3.17.8 states: “In order to ensure that the requirements of Article 3.15 are respected, the FIA reserves the right to introduce further load/deflection tests on any part of the bodywork which appears to be (or is suspected of), moving whilst the car is in motion.”

As the rules stand at the moment the front wing is allowed to flex by a maximum of 10mm when a load of 50 kilogrammes is applied to them.

Now the governing body has announced that it reserves the right to increase the test up to 100 kilogrammes allowing a linear increase of deflection up to 20mm.

Another rule amendment will see the FIA clamping down on the fixings used to hold the front wings after rumours of exploitation by some teams.