Mallory Park Improvements Ready

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Mallory Park made it’s return to the British Rallycross calendar in 2009, but problems with the loose sections of the circuit caused competitors to voice their concerns after resultant damage became evident on some competing cars.

The circuit owners moved quickly to rectify the problems, so as to keep Mallory Park in prime condition to host future top-level Rallycross meetings, after makings it’s return to hosting such events when it hosted the 2009 British Rallycross series finale.

Mallory Park Rallycross changes complete

Mallory Park bosses sought advice from Steve Hill, who is both a competitor and the Managing Director of Steve Hill Construction Ltd.

The advice has been taken on-board, and after a recent visit to the circuit to re-assess the problematic areas, Hill was suitably impressed.

“After a recent revisit to the circuit I can confirm the circuit have ticked every box on our suggestion list”, said Hill.

Concluding, Hill stated “Even with the bumps at last year’s event, Mallory Park was a very fast and exciting Rallycross venue, I’m looking forward to sampling what I can only describe as a massive improvement and I hope we can keep Mallory on our calendar for many years to come and all competitors can bring their cars with confidence to round 5 on August 8th”.

A multitude of improvements to the loose sections have been made, including rolling of the surface materials to firm-up the sections, as well as shallow ramps, designed to ease the transition between the asphalt sections and the loose sections.

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