Rallycross To Hit America

After a successful showcase event at the 2010 X Games in Los Angeles, Rallycross is to once again hit America. Later this month the New Jersey Motorsports Park will give fans the chance to get up-close and personal with some of the most intense action available, and a type which only Rallycross can provide.

The format of Rallycross is well known to many motorsport fans throughout Europe, where national series lead to the renowned FIA European Rallycross Championship, but in America it is a new concept, despite a full season already being announced for 2011.

As a sport Rallying has taken off in America over the past half a decade, and this is acting as a foundation for the introduction of Rallycross.

A door-to-door, almost circuit, style racing version of rallying, will surely appeal to those who have supported the American National Rally Championship since it’s inception, and that was shown at the X Games.

The first full event since the Los Angeles show-piece, will be held August 28th to 29th, and will feature some of America’s leading drivers from many motorsport disciplines.

From a rallying background come Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Tanner Foust and Ken Block.

Pastrana and Mirra compete in the top-level of American rallying, and both have extensive experience performing at the highest level, thanks to long X Games backgrounds.

Part of the Monster World Rally Team, Block is competing at the highest level of rallying available, the World Rally Championship, the series in which Colin McRae shot to fame state side, and which led to his involvement in the X Games, as well as a number of worldwide hit computer and console games.

Of the rally drivers in the field., Foust is perhaps the best placed to hit the ground running, as he has spent time competing in the European Rallycross Series, and will be using the experience as a springboard in New Jersey.

Competitors have also emerged from a very different form of racing, Drifting, with Rhys Millen, Stephan Verdier and Sam Hübinette all have a strong background in the discipline. All will be looking to show what they are capable of in a Rallycross car.

Rallycross combines the circuit racing, off-road racing and rally styles, in addition to giving fans a close view of the intense action over circuits which are short, split between sealed and loose surface, as well as featuring jumps.