Is Karun Chandhok Better Suited To F1 Punditry?

Karun Chandhok seems to be in the process of establishing himself as an exceptionally brilliant F1 pundit away from the track.  Having had to endure what must seem a lack of faith in his individual ability as a Driver for HRT amongst other issues, Chandhok is rapidly becoming something of a cult star pundit with the BBC's Formula One team during practice runs;  spouting out accurate facts and figures at alarming rate.

The term 'Karunpedia' said in jest by another commentator a few weeks ago, is in reality, not very far from the truth. One can't help but be impressed by his grasp of all aspects of Formula One, from a historic, current, personal and technological perspective.  Should Mr Chandhok fail to rise above the other four drivers during his day job (that's right, 'four drivers'), at the much beleaguered Hispania Racing Team  he is sure to become India's very own Murray Walker with a far greater in-depth grasp of  facts past and present.  Karun Chandhok has been around racing for a while now; racing and rising through the lower strata's of Formula GP.

His connections are extensive, reaching both above and below his current situation in the sport, thus allowing him to give insightful and factual thoughts about the current state of the sport on the whole, despite having relative no success whatsoever this year in F1.  Yet, in a very recent interview Karun claims to have spent over seven hours on phone to the media in India following confirmation of an October GP race set to take place in India 2011. His opinion is sought after by the mainstream media, Twitter and other social media outlets, as demonstrated by his professional assessment of Korea's Yeongam Grand Prix circuit last week.

Karun claims to love racing on the track as any F1 Pilot naturally would, and is currently on loan to Red Bull Racing, functioning in the role of a Test Driver.  On a positive note if life deals you a bunch of lemons, you make lemonade.   I'll go out on a limb and suggest that Chandhok has the making of a mediocre F1 driver at best.  But, he does have the making of a fantastic F1 media pundit. Maybe it's time for a career rethink.

Here's the link to his short but insightful views . Check it out if you're an F1 fan or just interested in following Karun Chandhok on Twitter.