Mitchum Completes Successful Homestead Test With Camaro And Porsche

Chris Mitchum, team principal of Mitchum Motorsports was in a positive mood following the conclusion of three days tyre testing at Homestead. The Continental tyre test saw Mitchum run both its Camaro and Porsche GT3.

Looking back at a busy start to the month, Mitchum remarked, “It was a very good test, we learned a lot and came a long way. At the end of the day we’re the best we’ve been. We’ll take P2″. Mitchum was also please with the way Joey Atterbury, Randy Pobst, Jade Buford and Dion von Moltke worked together sharing the Porsche. “It was nice seeing how the drivers fit together,” Mitchum said. “All of them were able to work with the same setup. We’re always happy to have Randy Pobst with the team. We’re hoping to be able to get him for the Rolex 24.”

“The car was much better at the end of the test,” Pobst said. “We made so much progress from out first laps yesterday. It’s gone from ‘scary’ to ‘friendly,’ and I can say it’s very friendly right now.”

The test caps a successful 2010 season for Atterbury that saw him race the Mitchum 6.2 Camaro in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge where Atterbury was the highest finishing GS driver in the Rookie of Year standings.

On Atterbury, Mitchum added, “Joey really proved himself in the Camaro this year so it is only natural to begin the transition into Rolex competition. We'll be running a full season in Continental Tire Sport Car Challenge in the Camaro again plus several Rolex Series races in the Porsche – it's going to be a full season for Joey and the team.”