Formula 1 Car of 2020 revealed

Formula 1 cars in 2020 will have lower-profile tyres on bigger wheels, ground effect aerodynamics, KERS systems producing 250bhp and standard, non-downforce rear wings, according to former Renault F1 engineer Pat Symonds.

Writing in the new issue of F1 Racing magazine, Symonds theorises on how future regulation changes and the drive for green, energy efficient cars will affect the components of cars over the next decade, hinting that there will be much more change than has been seen in the sport over the last ten years.

“A few simple assumptions can determine the basic architecture of the car,” explains Symonds. “By the time we add a few changes, such as larger wheels and low-profile tyres, we start to get a fairly clear picture of what the car might look like.

“The illustrations we’ve produced are certainly an artistic impression, but they capture the essential characteristics of a car that will be contesting the Formula 1 World Championship in 2020.”

This issue of the magazine, available in shops now, also contains interviews with Michael Schumacher, Sir Stirling Moss, and BBC pundit Eddie Jordan, and has a very interesting piece on the new American Grand Prix track in Austin, Texas.