Robert Kubica Faces A Year Of Recovery

Robert Kubica could face a year on the sidelines after his crash in the Ronde di Andorra Rally in Italy according to Prof Igor Rossello, the specialist hand surgeon who performed a seven hour operation on the F1 driver.

Speaking to the media outside the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure Prof. Rossello described a year as “the best position” for Kubica's recovery stating that only then will the function of the nerves in the Pole's lower arm be known.

“Each bone was broken at two points. Each tendon was broken at two points, the vessels and nerves – a very complex injury. What we've done was to rebuild the whole anatomy of the forearm, as possible,” he said to the gathered media describing the injuries he treated while a separate team of doctors operated on a broken right leg.

“First we reconstruct the bone in the four places, afterwards the vascular part – reconstructing the arteries and veins,” he continued. “Reconstruction of the tendons, extension tendons and flexor tendons. There were a lot of tendons injured. Involved in a complex way. Finally we suture the nerves, the Median Nerve and the Ulnar Nerve, which is the most challenging problem with this kind of injury. We see in one year what will happen with this nerves injury.”

Despite the hand at the end of the surgery being as “normal as expected” Kubica, Prof Rossello said, faces five to seven days when there could be further vascular damage, which would necessitate more surgery.

He ended the short televised interview stating “Drivers are always very special patients. I have a lot of motorcyclist patients – they heal in the fastest way possible.”

Kubica was driving an S2000 Skoda Fabia, and was on the way to beginning of the stage when it is believed he hit a wall before a metal Armco barrier penetrated the front of the car. The Lotus Renault GP team had confirmed earlier in the day that Kubica had suffered fractures to his right arm, hand and leg.