Ferrari Finish Early on Wet Final Day of Testing

Fernando Alonso completed just five out-laps on the final day of pre-season testing in Barcelona as heavy rain persuaded his Ferrari team to pack up at lunch time.

“The conditions meant you could not lap in a way in which you could learn anything useful,” said the Spaniard. “If we had found ourselves in this situation in a race weekend, there would definitely have been a red flag.

“Even with a day like this, I am pleased with how the winter testing has gone. On average, we have done around a hundred laps each day, which demonstrates we have the reliability which is a priority when you are dealing with a new car: we are the team that has completed the greatest distance of all.”

Looking ahead to the opening race, Alonso will not be drawn on whether or not he will be fighting for the victory, but feels that the team are ready: “Overall, I think we will arrive in Melbourne in a hundred percent state of readiness, but whether or not that will be enough to win, we will not know until we are there in Australia. I feel confident, just as I did last year going into the start of the season.”