New Livery For ORECA Peugeot

Team ORECA Matmut will sport a new look in this year's Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) as their Peugeot 908 HDi FAP will run in a corporate blue and orange livery.

The change comes after three years of the team using a Mondrian inspired scheme, both on their diesel coupe and their petrol-powered LMP1 entrants. The decision to change livery comes at a time when ORECA's standing in the sportscar world in changing, becoming more involved as a manufacturer, with several examples of their new ORECA 03 LMP2 car set to share the ILMC track with the team's Peugeot.

Jean-Philippe Eddaïkra, ORECA Group Marketing and Communication Director explains the choice; “With the Mondrian concept, our intentions were to create a different and audacious identity for ourselves in order to make the team stand out. The goal was to make people react, and we accomplished that. We wanted to stay along the same expressive lines as before with bold and catchy colours. We wanted a car that would be recognizable on track, with a livery that would allow our partners to stand out, while staying close to the ORECA genes in order to keep building the ORECA brand.”

With that in mind the new car runs in blue and orange – the colours of the ORECA group – with the orange accents inspired by the 'square-o' of the ORECA logo.

“At present, it's something that will increase the team's visibility,” continues Eddaïkra. “We are still a little mum on the subject, but rest assured there is a real strategy behind the logotype of the ORECA brand.”