Williams Have Better Second Day In Barcelona

After Pastor Maldonado‘s KERS difficulties in the Williams yesterday, his team-mate Rubens Barrichello had a much better day by comparison today as he completed 105 laps and finished as the fifth fastest driver.

“We had two aims today; to work on new tyre runs and to carry out some long runs,” said the Brazilian. “The new updates on the car seem to have made the car more consistent, and I was happy with our long run pace compared to last week. There's still some work to be done to improve our performance on the first lap on new tyres.”

Technical director Sam Michael explained that the development of the new FW33 was progressing well, despite a technical issue late on in the day.

“After completing some checks and mapping work with the new aero package, we went through a range of mechanical set-ups today,” he explained. “We're seeing some quite positive signs and we're heading in a good direction. We did have a failure on a very high mileage, rear suspension component late in the afternoon, so we’re analysing the data on that now.”