Pirelli Encouraged by Performance of Tyre Compounds in Monaco

Pirelli are pleased with the performance and durability of both their soft and super-soft tyre after a successful day of Thursday practice for the Italian company in Monaco.

There was a fear that the super-soft compound would last fewer than ten laps this weekend, but Sebastian Vettel completed a 22 lap stint on a set of these tyres this afternoon, and now a two or three stop strategy seems the most likely for front-running cars on Sunday.

“Today has given the teams some vital experience of running on our tyres in unique conditions and we're very encouraged by both the performance and the durability of our tyres here, on the debut for the supersoft,” said Paul Hembery, the Motorsport Director at Pirelli.

“We look forward now to the all-important qualifying session on Saturday, where we will see which team gets the most out of their tyres on the day and which strategies they are likely to run in the race.”