Positive Debut GP2 Race For Kevin Ceccon

Kevin Ceccon enjoyed a positive debut race in the GP2 Series at Barcelona. The 17-year-old Italian was making his first start in the Formula 1 feeder series for the Scuderia Coloni team.

Although he slipped back from his grid position of 17th to 20th at the checkered flag, he was able to enjoy a mistake-free race and achieved his team's expectations of a race finish and gaining vital experience.

“This race has many positive sides for me,” said Ceccon. “The first one is that I managed to do what the team asked me. I could have been quicker, my pace was better than that, but to get a better result I would have needed to take some risks, trying some hazardous moves, and that wasn’t my duty today.

“My aim was putting miles under my belt, understanding how the car and the tyres were changing in an hour-long race and doing no mistakes. That’s what we did, and we also managed a perfect pit-stop, so we can be happy with our job.

“I was a bit worried about getting tired in such a long race, but I got to the finish without any issue, so the work I did in the winter at Formula Medicine paid off. Now I hope to do even better tomorrow.”