Pirelli Expecting One and Two Stop Strategies in Valencia

Pirelli were pleased with the performance of their medium tyre in the two Friday practice sessions in Valencia yesterday and expect that most drivers will adopt one- or two-stop strategies in Sunday’s European Grand Prix.

The PZero medium compound is making its racing debut in Valencia this weekend, alongside the ubiquitous soft tyre that has appeared at every race this season.

“It's been a very encouraging start here for the new PZero White medium tyre and the PZero Yellow soft tyre, both in terms of performance and durability,” said Paul Hembery, Pirelli Motorsport Director. “This is the most abrasive street circuit that we will face all year, but we're still expecting only one or two stops for the majority of competitors and a difference of about a second to a second and half per lap between the medium and soft tyres.

“With the new medium tyre, we should see a range of about 30 laps on race day and about 20 laps for the soft tyre, putting us on course to meet our targets for this event.”