WMSC Ratify F1 Engine Regulations for 2014

In a fax vote of its members, the FIA‘s World Motorsport Council (WMSC) has ratified the new engine regulations that will come into effect for the 2014 F1 season.

The new engines will be V6 1.6 turbo units with a more advanced energy recovery systems than the current KERS. They will replace the V8 2.4 litre power plants used today.

The new ‘green’ engines were originally to be introduced in 2013, but were put back a year after concerns raised from the likes of Ferrari and Bernie Ecclestone.

The engines are likely to rev at a maximum of 15,000 rpm, down from the current figure of 18,000, but are expected to have a similar power output (about 750bhp) to the engines current used.