DTM Stars Set To Battle In Munich’s Olympic Stadium

The DTM drivers will take part in a special two-day event this weekend in Munich's Olympic Stadium.

A 1.192 km tarmac circuit has been laid on which the drivers will go head-to-head against each other in front of the fans.

On Saturday there will be inter-brand battles between the nine drivers of each manufacturer, Audi and Mercedes. Eight head-to-head battles over three laps and two individual three-lap time trials will be held to determine the fastest eight drivers from each manufacturer. Here it will be the lap times that will count with the result of the head-to-head duels being irrelevant.

The fastest eight from each brand will advance to a knockout competition to identify the top driver from each manufacturer. The winner of the Audi final will then go up against the winner of the Mercedes final to determine Saturday's winner. The final will be five laps long, with both drivers having to make a mandatory pit stop on the third lap.

On Sunday the fastest 16 drivers from Saturday will take part in a knockout competition, with Audi drivers going up against Mercedes drivers in the first round. The Audi driver who was the fastest on Saturday will compete against the Mercedes driver who was slowest on Saturday – and vice versa. Each race on Sunday will feature a mandatory pitstop.