Perez Collects Best F1 Finish at Silverstone as Kobayashi Faces a Hat-Trick of Misfortunes

Sergio Perez is tonight celebrating the best result of his fledgling Formula 1 career after finish seventh at the British Grand Prix, although team-mate Kamui Kobayashi was left pondering his bad luck after falling victim to three different misfortunes at Silverstone today.

“I think it was a good race and a very good result for the team,” said the Mexican, focusing on his result. “In the beginning the conditions were quite difficult, but we managed to stay out of trouble. The strategy was good and my pit stops were perfect. Unfortunately I couldn't overtake Nico (Rosberg). I was very close but he was too fast on the straights.

“Overall I am happy and now the difficult times are behind me. After the accident [during qualifying in Monaco] it took me time to get back into the rhythm of the season, and find the momentum I had before it. In two weeks' time I shall be even stronger.”

Kobayashi, though, was the innocent party in a collision with Michael Schumacher, awarded a stop/go penalty after his team released him from a pit stop into the path of Pastor Maldonado, and then was forced to retire due to an oil leak.

“It is a real shame because our overall performance was good this weekend,” he said. “In today's race I was very unlucky. I think there is not a lot for me to say about the accident with Michael (Schumacher). We were not side by side, and he obviously hit the rear of my car. From then on I had to drive with a damaged car.

“Then I had bad luck with the pit stop, was given the stop and go penalty, and finally had to stop because I was told on the radio there was an oil leak and I should pull off the track.”

Team principal Peter Sauber also blamed Schumacher for the collision, as did the stewards who penalised the Mercedes driver.

“I am very happy with Sergio's seventh place, so congratulations to him,” said Sauber. “It was a difficult race for him, as for almost the whole distance he had to follow Nico Rosberg. He had more speed, but it was not enough to overtake. As for Kamui's race, the incident with Michael Schumacher was quite annoying. It was an unnecessary collision that cost Kamui his chances of a good finish.”