Toro Rosso Leave Japan Without Points After Disappointing Performance

Jaime Alguersuari - Photo Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images
Jaime Alguersuari - Photo Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images


If it was not for the fact that the sister team had so much to celebrate this weekend, Toro Rosso would want to forget the Japanese Grand Prix as soon as possible.

Sebastien Buemi was the only retiree of the race after his right-front wheel was not fitted properly during his first pit stop and it fell off on track. Jaime Alguersuari got to the end of the race, but in a lowly P15.

“I had more or less the same strategy as [eighth-place finisher] Perez, however he seemed to be one second a lap faster than me,” said Alguersuari. “I was unable to get past as I was hitting the limiter on the engine, so I could not find the extra speed needed to overtake. On top of that, I was losing my downforce from following the cars in front.

“I can't remember the last time I found it so hard to overtake in a race. I always gave my maximum, but the performance was not there today. Now, I hope to fight back in Korea and try and battle with Sauber again for some points.”

Buemi thinks that he was on course for points before his race came to a halt after just eleven laps. “I had a very good start, passing five cars and running P11,” recalls the Swiss driver. “I even ran tenth for a few laps before my first pit stop.

“I came out of the pits and already at the first corner, I felt some vibration and I saw that the right front wheel was beginning to move. It had not been properly fitted at the pit stop, I'm not sure why and then it came off at Turn 4. There was no way I could drive back to the pits, so my race was over. It's a shame, because it was looking as though we could have had a good race and scored some points.”