James Moffat’s DJR Norton-backed Entry Revealed

James Moffat's Team Norton DJR 2012 entry Photo credit: Team Norton DJR
James Moffat's Team Norton DJR 2012 entry Photo credit: Team Norton DJR

James Moffat will race under the new banner of Team Norton DJR in the 2012 V8 Supercars season, his Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) team confirmed at the launch of the new livery today.

Moffat's car was presented in front of a live audience in Sydney as part of a unique unveiling with DJR mechanics and V8 Supercars fans attaching body panels to the chassis to gradually reveal the new yellow and black livery.

Internet security company Norton take the title sponsorship of the #18 DJR Ford Falcon, after an association dating back to 2010 when Moffat ran in the Norton colours in his two seasons in the V8 Supercars Development Series.

The Team Norton DJR #18 entry takes the number of cars in the expanded DJR outfit this year to four and Moffat, heading into his second season in the V8 Supercar main game is pleased to be racing under his new colours.

“I think the car looks really amazing and it reflects the enthusiasm that all the Norton team is feeling for the year ahead,” said Moffat.

“If the car goes as good as it looks we'll be in great shape!”

“Naming rights sponsorship has been a natural evolution, from the time Norton started sponsoring me in the Development Series a couple of years ago. I can't thank Norton enough for their support and commitment.

Symantec Pacific Consumer Sales Director, Matthew Drake, says V8 Supercar racing has proven to be an ideal way of communicating the speed and performance of Norton products.

“This will be our fifth year in V8 Supercar racing and over that time the sport has helped create many loyal customers for Norton and spread the message that our products are the fastest on the market,” said Mr Drake.

“Team Norton DJR will allow us to give our customers and channel partners a more personal behind-the-scenes experience of V8 Supercars and having our own race car will give them, and us, something extra to cheer about.”

“There's also an important community education element to what we are doing: the Team Norton DJR car will give us a platform to raise community awareness of internet safety issues.”

Dick Johnson racing has welcomed the support from Norton.

“We're thrilled to have Norton as the naming rights sponsor for car 18,” said the team boss.

“They're # 1 in the Australian market and we're going to try our hardest to make them # 1 on the race track.”

Moffat will debut the Norton entry at V8 Supercars’ test day at Sandown on February 11.

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