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F1 Live : European Grand Prix – Race

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The live blog below will be updated throughout the race which starts at 13:00 UK time. Contact us on twitter at @tcff1

14:52Well, that’s it from me today – but the results for a thrilling European GP are: Alonso, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Webber, Hulkenberg, Rosberg, Di Resta, Button, Perez, Maldonado, Senna, Ricciardo, Petrov, Kovalainen, Pic, Massa, De La Rosa, Karthikeyan, Hamilton. 

14:49Alonso crosses the line in P1 for his 29th career win from p11  ahead of Raikkonen and Schumacher; the German legend’s first podium since his comeback! Incredible race, absolutely brilliant stuff!


Schumacher now up to p3 whilst Maldonado trundles back to the pits! Webber p4!

14:45Hamilton’s tyres have seemingly dropped off and is now under massive pressure from Maldonado for p3… AND THEY TOUCH! HAMILTON IS OUT! HAMILTON HAS RETIRED! 

14:44Hamilton makes a mistake and Raikkonen has a run at the McLaren driver. It didn’t happen, but he’s having another go through turn 17 and MAKES IT STICK! Outstanding stuff by Kimi who is now up to P2!

14:43Di Resta is overtaken by both Webber and Schumacher who have moved up to 6th and 7th respectively.

14:42Di Resta is swamped by F1′s oldies Schumacher and Webber. A commendable strategy taken by the Force India team.

14:40Schumacher passes Perez, whilst Webber has a go too and makes it stick over the young Sauber driver.

14:39Four laps to go… Who’d have thought that the race would end up like this?!


Oddly enough, Schumacher is on for his best result of the year with an 8th place, whilst his Mercedes team mate sets the fastest lap of the race.

14:35The top three still remain the same. Alonso leads by 3.9 seconds over Hamilton and Raikkonen 

14:35Rosberg passes Senna for p11. A good recovery drive from the Brazilian, all things considered.

14:34Schumacher sweeps past Button, as does Mark Webber. The 2009 world champion is now down into p10.

14:32Ricciardo and Petrov to be investigated by the stewards…


And Petrov and Ricciardo collide, the Russian losing the nose of his Caterham.

14:30The lead up to 4 seconds now. Perez looking strong again in p7 and should be squabbling with Di Resta soon.

14:28Ferrari chatting in Italian over the radio to Alonso.  3.9 seconds over Raikkonen and Hamilton… The Finn looking the racier of the two.

14:27The main question now is, is will Alonso’s Ferrari knacker its tyres?  Can Raikkonen and Hamilton can take advantage?

14:25Red Bull are still unsure as to what the problem with Vettel’s RB8 was. The current champion seems to think it may be a similar problem to what Webber had on Friday.

14:24[blackbirdpie url=”″]

14:23Alonso was 2/10ths faster than Hamilton on that last lap.

14:23Petrov up into p10, compounding that Caterham have genuine pace here this weekend.

14:22Does Schumacher have another problem? He’s pitted, and looks pretty slow…


14:20Alternator failure for Grosjean. Absolutely tragic for Lotus. Now Hamilton up to p2…

14:20Not a great time for Renault powered cars at Valencia with both front runners Vettel and Grosjean retiring

14:19BREAKING NEWS! GROSJEAN IS OUT NOW! What is going on?!

14:19Webber trumps Alonso’s fastest lap with a 1:42…

14:18Webber goes fastest of all through the first sector. An incredible comeback drive from the Aussie who suffered such bad luck yesterday.

14:17Perez is shaping up Button for P9… It looks like the McLaren driver is really struggling with his rear tyres.

14:15Fastest lap of the race for Alonso 1:44:141

14:15Alonso has managed to pull out a little bit of a lead of 0.746 over Grosjean. According to BBC, the Lotusdriver has 3/10ths a lap over the Spaniard due to DRS…

14:13Hamilton under investigation for ignoring waved yellows, whilst Webber loses three places in three corners! Dull-encia? No, I don’t think so…

14:12It looks on between Grosjean and Hamilton! 

14:11So, Vettel has retired and launched his gloves in a rage after he has been denied a hat-trick. Alonso leads over Grosjean and Hamilton. Will he continue Spain’s glorious run of sport this weekend?!

14:11Maybe the early pace from Vettel was too much too soon? The Red Bull driver will now be wondering if he should have taken it easier in the early stages of the race.

14:09Massa nerfed by Kobayashi – The Brazilian does not have luck on his side at the moment…

14:09Hamilton is past Ricciardo! 


14:06Alonso up to p2! An astonishing drive from the Spaniard.

14:06Alonso is all over Grosjean and he is through!

14:05Safety car in this lap!

14:05Vergne doesn’t think that the incident with Kovalainen was his fault – this one will divide fans and observers, surely. The Frenchman is the only retirement thus far.

14:04Christian Horner is looking nervous. Can Red Bull and Vettel take a hat-trick around Valencia, or will Grosjean score Lotus’ first win after their return to F1?

14:01Grosjean was on a flying lap before the safety car come out, on lap 27 he set the fastest lap of the race.

14:01So, standings so far after the safety car: Vettel, Grosjean, Alonso, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg, Schumacher, Webber, Maldonado, Hulkenburg, Di Resta, Kobayashi, Massa, Button, Perez, Petrov, De La Rosa, Pic, Kovalainen, Karthikeyan 

13:58Replay of the Vergne/Kovalainen incident… medieval. Absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile, the pack are bunching up now. This is actually turning out to be a proper exciting race! What a nice surprise!

13:56Vettel rejoins comfortably in the lead, but will be significantly reduced because of the safety car on track.

13:56RETIREMENT: Jean Eric-Vergne retires from the race following his contact with Kovalainen.

13:55Vettel pits – smooth stop from the Red Bull boys.

13:54McLaren again perform a poor pitstop for Hamilton. Alonso gets by for position. The 2008 world champion can’t be happy.

13:53SAFETY CAR! We’re on!

13:52Kovalainen has made contact with Vergne. A shame for Caterham who have shown genuine pace all weekend.

13:51Button pits again and bolts on a pair of hard tyres to rejoin in P13. Meanwhile, Massa and Hulkenburg are still at it for p7

13:49Meanwhile, Alonso is only six-seconds behind Hamilton. Will we see the two former team-mates go wheel to wheel?

13:48Grosjean sets a new fastest lap with a 1:44.451.

13:48Ricciardo gets past Perez for p.10

13:47Massa has been told to look after the rear tyres by Rob Smedley. Ferrari seem to think the Brazilian can get some much needed points.

13:45Drive through penalty for Senna… another avoidable incident for the likeable Brazilian this year…

13:45Raikkonen gets past Di Resta – surely Force India should pit him soon, as he’s just been mugged  by Maldonado 

13:43Vettel’s lead is up to 20 seconds. Problems aside, he should comfortably win this.

13:42Alonso gets by Di Resta for 4th. He is truly on fire since his two goals against France last night.

13:41Senna rejoins in 23rd following the contact with Kobayashi. Vettel now leads by 19 seconds over Grosjean. 

13:39AND THERE’S CONTACT! Senna and  Kobayashi touch with the Japanese driver losing half of his front wing!

13:38Mercedes have called Schumacher in, as have Red Bull for Webber.

13:36The fresher tyres on the Ferrari seem to be benefitting Alonso as he slices through the field. Mercedes, Williams and Red Bull should be considering to pit their drivers at this stage.

13:36Sebastian Vettel puts in the fastest lap of the race as he increases his lead over Paul Di Resta by 16.7

13:35Alonso tries to go around the outside of Webber who is still to pit along with Senna and Schumacher who are in the same situation. Brave stuff by the Ferrari man!

13:33Fastest lap of the race so far is Sauber driver Sergio Perez with 1:44.630 on lap 12

13:32Grosjean rejoins on softs in front of Hamilton. 

13:32Vettel pits in lap 16. Lotus are reacting to this by pitting Grosjean on the same lap.

13:31Hamilton breezes past Schumacher. 

13:31The top four five drivers – Vettel, Grosjean, Di Resta, Rosberg and Schumacher are still to pit

13:31Alonso pits. Beautiful stop by The Boys In Red and he gets out ahead of Raikkonen. 

13:30Hamilton gets by Senna – the McLaren driver made it look like taking candy from a baby. He is now in P7.

13:29Top 10 on lap 14: VET, GRO, LAO, DIR, ROS, MSC, SEN, HAM, RAI, KOB

13:29Raikkonen pits and rejoins in 10th, ahead of Kobayashi. 

13:28Vettel’s lead up to 14 seconds. Alonso has also passed Maldonado for 5th.

13:27Hamilton pits – a clean pitstop from McLaren. Rejoins in 10th behind Senna

13:26Raikkonen undercuts Maldonado! 

13:26Alonso FINALLY makes it past Hulkenburg for 7th. Radio message to The Spaniard: “Now we push, we push as much as we can”.

13:24Raikkonen attempts a past on Maldonado for 5th. The Finn runs out of track, unfortunately. Decides to back out of it.

13:23The Brazilian rejoins in 15th.

13:23Ferrari getting ready for Massa.

13:23Vettel now leading by 11.8 secs from Grosjean and Hamilton…

13:22Button is the first to pit, followed by Perez. They rejoin in p. 19 and 20 respectively.

13:21Wow! What a pass by Grosjean – sensible driving by Hamilton, too.

13:20Grosjean gets by Hamilton!! Great move by the young Frenchman!! Bravo, Romain! 

13:20Vettel is now leading by just over 10 seconds from Hamilton. Most of us expected him to win, just not by this much…

13:19Alonso still chasing down Hulkenburg

13:18Grosjean is still pushing Hamilton hard, with just 0.6s between the two on the last lap

13:15Massa flies by Di Resta but loses out on the exit of the corner

13:14Another fastest lap from Vettel on lap 6.


13:13Maldonado has found a way by Raikkonen in to fifth, Hulkenberg now has his sights set on the Finn

13:13Another fastest lap  from Vettel as he extends his lead to 7.6 seconds over the chasing pack of Hamilton Grosjean and Kobayashi

13:12Vettel has two purple sectors already as he looks to increase his lead.

13:11Grosjean being given the hurry up by his team to get by Hamilton.

13:11Hamilton, Grosjean and Kobayashi joined by Raikkonen as they fight over the best of the rest positions

13:09Vettel sets the pace on lap 3 with Hamilton already dropping 5 seconds to the leader

13:08DRS is enabled

13:06Senna passes Perez for 14th

13:05Massa passes Rosberg who has had a shocker. Alonso up to 8th.


GO!!! Vettel gets away smoothly, awesome start by Grosjean who takes third!

13:03Lights out in Valencia in…

13:0227 degrees air temperature, track temperature at 44…63% humidity too. Wow!!!

13:01David Coulthard seems to think that pit-stops will start at around Lap 10

13:01FOM pretty determined to confirm to us that there’s lots of scantily clad women hanging about the Valencia paddock today…

12:59MSC, WEB, PER, VERGNE all starting on hard tyres according to Force India

12:58Four Renault powered cars in the top five. Can they beat Ferrari for actual number of wins in the European season?

12:57So, what are everyone’s predictions? will Vettel dominate, or can Hamilton and Maldonado hassle him into the first corner? Will it be someone different?

12:54Track temperature is 40 degrees this afternoon. The tyres are gonna have to work for it. Hopefully will make the race a bit more exciting than normal.

12:53Incredible to believe that Seb Vettel is only 24 and is third most successful driver behind Schumacher and Senna in terms of poles. Excellent lap.

12:45BREAKING NEWS – Timo Glock out of European Grand Prix – read more here

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