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A Lap Of Snetterton With Lotus Sport UK’s Phil Glew

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After the summer break the Avon Tyres British GT Championship returns to action at Snetterton this weekend with a pair of 60 minute races around the 300 layout at the Norfolk track. Ahead of the weekend Lotus Sport UK driver Phil Glew described a lap around the manufacturer’s home track for The Checkered Flag.


You approach Riches at a very high speed due to the length of Senna Straight, which makes this double apex corner a challenging but exciting bend.

You don't need to brake as hard as you think and I always try and make the 1st apex and not worry too much about the 2nd as I am already thinking about getting the lock off and exiting the corner with as much speed as possible, which makes it a little harder now with the new circuit as it is narrower on the run down to the old sear bend and the new montreal.

Montreal is a very nice hairpin which has positive camber on the entry. I use a similar technique as I use at Brands Hatches Druids hairpin, which is an early turn in whilst trail braking to the apex. I then exit using a bit of the 200 circuit and exit kerb.

Palmer has a slight positive camber mid way through and seems to go on forever. The entry is key as if you miss the correct turn in point you will struggle to apex and exit the corner with any speed. Understeer sets in early if you miss the camber!

Agostini is similar to Montreal but doesn't have much camber and therefore you don't turn in as early. Patience is the key to maximise the exit.

Hamilton is named appropriately as it is fast and exciting! You can always go faster than you think. Apexing just after the tyre bail is important, but turning in early without clipping the tyres is tricky but vital as this allows a clean exit. It can get a little lively towards the exit kerb!

Dragging the car back to the left for Oggies is the next challenge and it is very easy to out brake yourself for this corner due to the speed carried out of Hamilton. If you have any patience…. this is the time to use it. If you open the throttle too early you run wide and waste time with understeer, so it is important to wait and get a clean straight exit for the short run to Williams.

Williams is one of the most important corners of Snetterton due to the length of Bentleys straight. A smooth gradual turn in is required and throttle at the apex pushes you perfectly to the exit kerb and beyond. Straddling the exit kerb means you have got the perfect exit!

The Esses is one of the original and best parts of Snetterton. You pretty much brake and turn at the same time and carry bags of speed into the left. Partially Releasing the brake gently mid way round allows the car to rotate and position you perfectly for the right. Braking, Turning and down changing really sorts the men from the boys…. especially when damp!

Bomb hole is a very fast cambered corner which has a drain for an apex and a vital turn in point! If you miss these then its game over! The positive camber disappears just when you need it the most…. on the exit as you're on full throttle, which creates understeer shortly followed by snap oversteer. It definitely gets that bomb hole twitching!

Coram is one of the most annoying corners I have ever come across, but it is definitely growing on me! The turn in is fairly similar to the old Coram, which is early but smooth and gradual. You then need the car to have a touch of push understeer to help with the second phase of the corner. With a touch of understeer kicking in this is the time to have a very gentle lift to get the nose to bite, shortly followed by a smooth and sensitive application to the brake. This should bring you nicely to the right ready for Murrays…… But be careful as you turn left as this can quite easily snap the rear round. For this reason – May I suggest Murrays as the most exciting viewing area!

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