LIVE: Porsche Carrera Cup GB – Snetterton: Round 11

by Vince Pettit

This blog will be automatically refreshed throughout Round 11 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton.

13:46UPDATE: Jonas Gelzinis disqualified from the race after his incident with Ahmad Al Harthy.

11:06Provisional Result: Tordoff, Meadows, Meyrick, Lloyd, Butcher, Geddie, Plant, Gelzinis, Jimenez, Mortimer, Webster, Ozbek, O’Brien, Pierce, Goff, Mann.

Non finishers: Al Harthy, Leonard
Non starters: Ben Barker

11:04Sam Tordoff takes the win at Snetterton, Victor Jiminez  wins Pro-Am1 and Fraser O’Brien takes Pro-Am2

11:03Looks like Meyrick has settled for third place, not a bad result on his series debut. Tordoff rounds Corum and is now on to the home straight.

11:02Geddie and Plant are still battling hard for sixth place

11:01LAST LAP – Tordoff has a lead of 2.453 seconds over Meadows

11:00Tordoff leads the field around for the penultimate lap, Meadows and Meyrick follow through, looks like it’ll stay this way for the end unless there are any problems.

10:59Jiminez now leads the Pro-Am1 class with Mortimer and Webster occupying the podium slot.

10:58Gelzinis spins off track and resumes but collides with Pro-Am1 leader Al Harthy  as he rejoins. The Omani driver is out of the race, he had nowhere to go as Gelzinis moved across on him.

10:56Meyrick now has Gelzinis to deal with as the Lithuanian driver closes in on third place. Plant loses out as he tries to pass Geddie.

10:55Richard Plant is pushing Glynn Geddie hard as they battle for seventh place.

10:55Tordoff is controlling the pace out front, Meadows can’t do anything to close the gap. Al Harthy continues to leads the Pro-Am1 class while O’Brien leads Pro-Am2

10:53Andy Meyrick is reeling in Michael Meadows, looks like he is hungry for second place with five laps remaining.

10:52Top three in each category are:

Pro: Sam Tordoff, Michael Meadows, Andy Meyrick
Pro-Am1: Ahmad Al Harthy, Victor Jiminez, Oly Mortimer
Pro-Am2: Fraser O’Brien, Will Goff, Tania Mann

10:50Tania Mann has had another spin, not a great return for the Australian driver

10:49Andy Meyrick is on a charge, fastest of all drivers in the first sector, now Tordoff is fastest of all in the second sector.

10:49Tordoff leads over the line for the fifth lap, the gap now 1.199 back to Meadows, Meyrick is another 1.344 seconds behind the Redline Racing driver

10:47Michael Meadows is piling on the pressure as he sets a new lap record for the Snetterton 300 circuit

10:46Tania Mann loses it and spins around out of Nelson

10:46Michael Leonard is out of the race with bent steering, originally thought it was a puncture after the incident with Pierce.

10:45Tordoff pulls out the lead to 1.205 seconds ahead of Meadows and the chasing Meyrick. Looks like he’s responding to the pressure as he sets the fastest lap.

10:44Gelzinis is on a charge  as he sets the fastest lap of the race so far. Michael Leonard pits again, not looking good for this race.

10:43TCF blogger Ahmad Al Harthy leads the Pro-Am1 class with Newcomer Fraser O’Brien leading the Pro-Am2′s

10:43Leonard rejoins the race but is so far behind the 17th placed Pierce

10:42Michael Leonard pits for a new front right tyre, bad luck for the Irish Pro-Am1 pole sitter

10:41Tordoff  leads Meadows over the line by 1 second, new race distance is 13 laps after the delayed start.

10:40A great start by the pole sitter, Meadows and Meyrick follow through as Derek Pierce spins out after tagging the back of Michael Leonard’s car

10:39Sam Tordoff leads the field in to Riches

10:36The cars are heading around on their second formation lap, there’s now a long line of cement dust heading in to Agostini

10:341 Minute until restart

10:33So with fourth placed Barker missing on the reformed grid Daniel Lloyd has a clear view ahead of him.

10:32We’ve lost Ben Barker already as his Porsche comes to a halt of the formation lap. Delayed start as the marshalls lay down cement dust to cover the fluids dropped by Barker’s sick Porsche.

10:27The cars are heading around to he grid in the glorious sun at Snetterton.

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