LIVE: Porsche Carrera Cup GB – Snetterton: Round 12

This blog will be automatically refreshed throughout Round 12 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton.

16:48Ben Barker and Ahmad Al Harthy will go away wishing they had more luck in the first race as they had strong pace in the second race.

16:47Provisional race results: Tordoff, Meadows, Barker, Meyrick, Gelzinis, Lloyd, Plant, Geddie, Al Harthy, Jimenez, Mortimer, Butcher, Pierce, Webster, Leonard, Ozbek, Goff, O’Brien and Mann

16:46Ben Barker takes the fastest lap of the race for Parr Motorsport

16:45It’s Meadows… Barker couldn’t quite do enough to get around him.

Al Harthy takes the Pro-Am1 win ahead of Jiminez and Mortimer, Pro-Am2 goes to Goff in front of O’Brien and Mann

16:43Looks like Tordoff will walk this one but who will take second place? Barker is closing on Meadows again…

16:41Butcher was unfortunate as replays show he was tapped in to a spin by an out of control Daniel Lloyd

16:40Rory Butcher spins after a failed attempt to pass Gelzinis

16:39It’s a Tordoff masterclass here at Snetterton as he leads by 2 seconds. Barker is now right up with Meadows in to Agostini’s but couldn’t quite squeeze through

16:37The three class leaders are Tordoff, Al Harthy and Goff

16:36Barker sets the fastest lap of the race op lap 10 of 14, can he do enough to get around Michael Meadows in the closing stages of the race?

16:35Fraser O’Brien has spun again, no repeat of his first race performance, that should put Mann up to second in class in Pro-Am2

16:34Meadows responds towards the end of the lap, last sector fastest of all drivers. Just 0.001s between the two lap times last time around

16:33Barker is really pushing Meadows now, fastest first sector for the Parr Motorsport driver

16:32Tordoff leads by 2.789 as he pulls out another second gap. Meadows and Barker are lapping similar times, Meyrick now closing on the duo

16:31Leonard is right up behind Pierce now who himself is chasing Mortimer for third place

16:30Fastest lap from Barker followed by Tordoff setting a faster lap

16:29Rory Butcher is right on the tail of Gelzinis with Daniel Lloyd pushing hard too

16:26Barker is pushing hard, the gap is now down to 0.358 between him and second placed Meadows

16:25TCF blogger AL Harthy continues to lead the Pro-Am1 category, Leonard is sticking with him, Jimenez has lost a little ground

16:24Tordoff responds with the fastest lap of the race

16:23O’Brien spins out on the grass an optimistic pass on Goff fails to pay off

16:22Tordoff still out front but Meadows and Barker are now pushing hard as Barker puts in the fastest lap of the race.

16:21Mortimer taps the back of Pierce’s car as he cuts the corner and takes out the bollards.

16:19Pro-Am2 sees Goff lead O’Brien and Mann

16:19Ahmad Al Harthy leads the Pro-Am1 class, Leonard second with Pierce in third.

16:18Tordoff leads the field down the Bentley Straight, already pulling out a gap

16:17Tordoff rockets away once again, Meadows slots in to second while Ben Barker follows

16:15The cars are away for their formation lap, Ben Barker will be hoping for more luck and a chance to race after he was forced out of the first race of the day with a broken water pipe.

16:09It has been glorious  weather here at Snetterton this weekend, great if you are spectating but drivers will be getting very hot in their cars right now

16:08Tania Mann takes a drop back to the rear of the grid (only two places from original grid slot) as she puts on a fresh set of tyres.

16:07Michael Leonard will be hoping for more luck in this race and a potential race win.

16:06The cars are on the grid ready to go as we wait for the Ginetta GT Supercup podium to finish before the Porsche’s can get away.

16:05Welcome along to our coverage of the second Porsche Carrera Cup GB race of the day. Race 1 winner Sam Tordoff will be looking for a repeat performance to round out a perfect weekend as he starts from pole again.