Pirelli To Reward 2013 GP2 Champion With F1 Test

James Calado - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/GP2 Media Service
James Calado - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/GP2 Media Service

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli has announced that it will give this year’s GP2 Series champion a day’s test in an F1 car.

The move is the latest initiative from the Italian company – which also provides rubber to GP2 and GP3 – to help young drivers prepare for F1.

Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery said the test was a great opportunity for the winning driver.

“For the first time this season we will offer the winning GP2 driver the opportunity to test a Formula 1 car for a day,” said Hembery.

“It fits in perfectly with our philosophy and that of GP2 of preparing young drivers as well as possible for the demands of Formula 1.

“Our test driver told me once that after his first day of testing with us, he had learned more about tyres than he had in his whole Formula One career up to that point. So we wanted to give another driver this opportunity as well, which makes GP2 even more relevant to drivers aiming for the pinnacle of motorsport.”

GP2 chief Bruno Michel added: “This is a fantastic gift from Pirelli and a great incentive for all of our GP2 drivers whose ultimate goal is to step into Formula 1.

“We and Pirelli have the same ambition: prepare young blood for F1 where tyre management is crucial as everyone knows. We are very happy to give this opportunity to future F1 young drivers.”

GP3 champion Mitch Evans will take part in GP2 this year thanks in part to a €200,000 prize fund provided by Pirelli.