Concept Technology For The Future

There are always technological advances in any of the industries around the world. Motor vehicle technology is no different, and there are advances in car technology every year.  These technological advances help to make vehicles better, and often safer, for the driver. In this article we run through some of the best of future car technologies that you might expect in the future.

Transparent instrument panels are a thing of the future. At present it is a very expensive technology, but like any technology, the cost will go down. This technology currently features on the Kia Pop, which has a dashboard with a transparent OLED panel. This gives an improved range of vision compared to other dashboards. Hopefully this kind of technology will be seen on other designs of car very soon. We might see it in some 4×4 cars soon.

Organic design seems to be a big thing for the future, with vegetable-based body panels featuring on the Honda Air. This sort of design obviously has many benefits in the fact that it will be a lot more lightweight compared to other models of car. There are other features such as airless urethane tires and glass-reinforced seating panels that feature on the Honda Air. These seem to be some of the ideas for future motoring technologies.

Obviously vehicle emissions are on the tip of every tongue, especially with current global concerns such as global warming. These are being tackled by some the best-known car manufacturers, such as Mercedes. Mercedes has designed a car that actually has pure oxygen emissions. This is a long way off being it production but it is these kinds of innovations that get us very excited about the future of motoring.

Toyota is looking into producing a car which has energy producing body panels. It will have a combined body and chassis and this will be very strong but also light. The solar cells, which are attached to it, will enable power production, which is also a very good thing. Maybe this will become the norm for conventional cars such as hatchback vehicles in the future.

There are future technological advances for all aspects of cars, even the wheels. It is suggested that in the future each wheel will have its own motor. Nissan has actually patented its hub-less motors in each wheel. Although it is not expected for a few years yet, it is definitely something to look forward to.