Zoe Wenham Blog: Hard Work

Zoe Wenham (Photo Credit: Jakob Ebrey)

It comes as quite a shock to some motorsport fans when you disclose what happens between November and March, it is hard work to find the right team and car for progression, the funding to match and also make sure you are still pressing hard to keep your profile out in the world of Motorsport.

When the Autosport Show was approaching I packed my days full of meetings and interviews which were dotted around the British Women Racing Drivers Club GoldStars award presentation. I attended on the Friday for the awards ceremony at 1pm, where I was honoured to be presented the winner’s certificate by BRDC President Derek Warwick. There were some fabulous sponsor prizes but the best prize in my view is the chance to work and by mentored by Williams F1 Development driver Susie Wolff. After the awards I had interviews with Motors TV, Overdrive UK and on the Formula Kart Stars stage, followed by lots of photos and even more talking!

I now have a full time job to split my sponsorship finding efforts between too and so in the evenings and at any free weekends I spend the time researching companies and trying to find the right person to ask for sponsorship. I have had a lot of meetings and also a few replies from emails but it is a very tough economic climate at present and hard to make anyone part with money when they cannot see an immediate return on investment.

Despite the struggles I have a couple of very good options still on the table which I hope to confirm one of in the next few weeks. I am attempting to reach 1000 fans on Zoe Wenham Racing Facebook page and then I will randomly select someone to win entry tickets to a race event plus a garage tour to see the car. I’m travelling up to Southport this weekend to attend the Benjamin Gautrey Foundation annual dinner where we will all remember a Motorcycle mad, bright, young talent who sadly lost his life.

Hope everyone’s start to 2013 has been successful and to catch up at a race circuit this year sometime!

Zoe x