Fourth Row Performance At COTA For Stevenson Motorsports

(Photo Credit: Stevenson Motorsports)

John Edwards took the #57 Stevenson Motorsports Camaro GT.R to the fourth row in qualifying for the inaugural Grand-Am of the Americas.

Edwards set a time of 2:10.615-seconds ahead of the race at the new Circuit of the Americas where he will share the car with Robin Liddell in the 2.75-hour race around the 3.4-mile circuit.

Following the session, however, the team discovered an issue which required an engine change and will result in a move to the back of the grid for the start of the race.

“I’m pretty pleased with how qualifying went. I only did a few laps in the GT car yesterday and showed up just in time to hop into the GS car for qualifying today,” said Edwards, who was suffering from a fever. “Not too bad to have a couple of fourths! I can’t complain too much about that. I feel okay. I’m not 100% but I’ll have no problem starting and just doing the opening stint for both races tomorrow. Now that my fever and headache are gone, the two big things that were limiting me from moving around are gone. I’m still a little worn down and sick to my stomach, but I can deal with that for a short stint tomorrow.”

The team had a disappointing finish at the opening round of the year at Daytona, so will be looking to turn their fortunes around with a strong result at the debut race for the Texan circuit.

“John did just a few laps in GT and no laps in GS before both qualifying sessions but got them both into fourth place,” said Team Manager Mike Johnson. “It just shows how well the guys have been working and how good the car is. I think we’re a little better in GS than in GT. I think the driver differences – especially at this track – are probably a little tougher for the GT guys. But the car is running good, the team is working out great and we’re ready to go racing!”