Jeep proves it can handle any terrain – even water!

With Jeep announcing record US and global sales for 2012, the brand is proving it can handle many obstacles during this tough period and quite literally walk, or rather drive, on water.

An increase of 19% global sales and 109% in China alone shows that Jeep is proving to be the leaders in the 4×4 market. The latest 2014 Grand Cherokee is currently making a strong impact in the car market and with the recently released brand new Compass, a compact design for families, ensuring they continue to keep up to date with the ever changing market.

Jeep is hoping that the records continue to be broken with an updated Wrangler model for sale and a brand new Liberty model being offered in 2013. They hope to continue pushing through successfully as the Western World tries to pull itself from the recession.

The literal power of the Jeep brand was proven recently on Top Gear’s Jeep challenge. Driving through water in an Icelandic lake, the adapted Wrangler had no problem proving its ability to go through all kinds of terrain.

This battling effort can be seen across the globe with excellent sales led by Grand Cherokee (223,196 units), Wrangler (194,142 units) and Compass (103,321 units).

What’s new for 2014?

In the USA, Jeep recently announced an expansion in production and 1,100 new jobs to help with the production of a new fleet of Cherokees. This news comes ahead of the new version of the Cherokee and the brand new Jeep Compass with the focus on the environment, design and technologies meaning both vehicles have some welcome additions to please eager buyers.

Grand Cherokee: a new fuel efficient EcoDiesel engine, refreshed 8-speed automatic transmission, new exterior and next generation infotainment.

Compass: a new six speed step-gear automatic, up to 30 mpg fuel efficiency, acoustic-laminated windshield to have a quieter driving experience, seat mounted side airbags, exterior upgrades and an updated/more Jeep familiar interior.

While we have seen many car companies stall or become wrote off completely Jeep is proving a strong resilience in their product and market knowledge. Looking at the concerns of the world from the environment to the riding experience of a 4×4 and the quickly increasing use of technology, they are showcasing what a vehicle manufacturing company can do to keep track on this rough terrain.