Ford Bring Their Active Park Assist To The Masses

by Team TCF

Our friends over at Ford have been working hard with their parking technology to Go Further and bring their Active Park Assist to the masses. The Active Park Assist is a unique breakthrough which allows you to park your car in the tightest of spaces even if you are rubbish at parallel parking. At the touch of a button the innovative system will let you know when a space is big enough to park in and take over the controls, steering you safely in to the parking space leaving you to follow on-screen instructions to operate the accelerator and gears.

To demonstrate the technology they took a car to Paris and set up a larger than life pinball system which demonstrated just how bad some of the driving is in France, check out the video below to get a full idea of what happened.

The videos of the Go Further technology are available in their website and as it can bee seen Ford is cleverly moving ahead with this improvement in the driver experience.  If you would like to share any ideas or thoughts, leave us a comment below.

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