Krohn Prepares For Home Advantage In WEC

Krohn's familiar green and blue Ferrari (Photo Credit: Alexandre Guillaumot/DPPI)

Krohn Racing is preparing for its first chance at home-field advantage as the FIA World Endurance Championships heads for the inaugural Six Hours of the Circuit of the Americas.

Team owner and driver Tracy Krohn hails from nearby Houston, Texas and will be driving in the signature lime green Ferrari F458 alongside long-time team-mate and driving coach Nic Jonsson and Ferrari driving instructor Maurizio Mediani.

“The best thing about racing in Austin is that it is in Austin which is really the hometown track for me,” enthused Krohn. “It’s about a 25 minute flight from Houston and the logistics are just a lot easier! The track is very modern and well designed and presents both high and low risk passing zones.”

The circuit was only completed last year, hosting its first Formula 1 race in November, an event which Krohn attended as a guest. Krohn already has experience of the circuit, having raced in the Grand-Am race in March. Jonsson, who co-drove with Krohn in the Grand-Am race, returned to race at COTA in May for the Pirelli World Cup Challenge. Mediani has no previous experience of the track so will be relying on his team-mates for hints and tips.

“It is a very physical track and it is most likely to be very hot for the race,” continued Krohn. “With multiple classes, the heat, and the physicality of the track, driver “focus” will be a huge issue, particularly in GT classes as there will be some turns and transitions that it will be hard to get even a very quick look in the mirrors! With all of these factors, and the fact as stated above regarding high and low risk passing zones, there will likely be a good bit of carnage.”