Daniel Ricciardo Disqualified from Home Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo has been excluded from the result of the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

The stewards investigated the Australian after picking up ‘fuel-flow irregularities’ during the Grand Prix yesterday, in which he claimed second place, his best ever Formula 1 result.

The stewards of the meeting began their investigation after the FIA reported that the #3 RB10 had “consistently” exceeded the maximum fuel flow rate under the new 2014 regulations. That limit is set at 100kg/h.

After several hours, the stewards found the car to be in breach of the regulations and disqualified Ricciardo from the result of his home race. Kevin Magnussen has been promoted to second place as a result of the exclusion and Jenson Button has moved up to a podium finish.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing said in a statement last night, “inconsistencies with the FIA fuel flow meter have been prevalent all weekend up and down the pit lane. The team and Renault are confident that the fuel supplied to the engine is in full compliance with the regulations.”

The RB10 of Sebastian Vettel is not known to have been affected. The defending champion retired from the Grand Prix on lap five with drive line issues related to the KERS system.

Rémi Taffin, Head of Track Operations for Renault added: “Naturally we will now support Red Bull as they appeal the Stewards’ decision to regain the position”

  • Mike Gaston

    Penalise the team. Take their constructors points away and fine them if found guilty. Leave the driver’s podium and points alone. He drove brilliantly and had no control over fuel flow levels.

  • Rod H

    Why not weigh the car with new tyres after the race? From the start weight they will know the fuel usage by compensating for the drinks bottle usage & pad wear. That will cross check the FIA fuel meter against the Renault’s fuel-injector flowrate that HAS to be correct for the engine to run properly. If he was using more fuel during the race he will have run out before finish because the FIA must HAVE to weigh the fuel going into the Fuel-tank by Regulation. Rod H – Circuit marshal

  • Vince Pettit

    It’s not that he used too much fuel in total, it’s that he used too much during a certain period of time which is against the new rules.