Top 5 off-road tracks to drive on

If you really want to put your driving skills to the test and enjoy a day of exhilaration, excitement and fun, then you have to venture off road for the ultimate experience. There are many gift and voucher options available for you to enjoy the ride, so what are you waiting for?

1 Silverstone, Northants

This is probably one of the most famous race circuits in the world. If you are looking for variety and fun, then car track days are a perfect place to start. Though the racetrack isn’t strictly off road, you will be able to enjoy the speed sensation provided by driving a Ferrari and other supercars. If you want to try something more rugged then book a session in the 4×4 Defender and experience off-roading at its best.

2 Rockingham, Northants

Try out your Range Rover skills in the muddy and hilly terrain of this venue. You will get a certificate at the end of your 30-minute session as well as a full briefing. The course is open from March to November, and this is one occasion where bad weather can only enhance the experience.

3 Thruxton, Hants

If you want to navigate steep hills in a treacherous environment, then Thruxton will be your idea of heaven or could it be hell? The car of choice is the Landrover Defender, and an experienced instructor will accompany you. The course is demanding and you will be sharing the two-hour experience with two other drivers.

4 West Malling, Kent

Driving through the woods takes on a whole new meaning if you are treated to a course at this location.  You’ll learn how to navigate steep hills with impossible inclines and navigate through densely wooded terrain. A professional instructor will also accompany you. The whole experience lasts for around 1.5 hours and is extremely good value for money.

5 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

This course offers the ultimate in off-roading experiences and you’ll get a pub lunch thrown into the course price. You’ll be able to recount your tales of daring to the rest of your family before resuming your fun.

The day starts with a lecture on driving techniques that you will have to master, and then you can start your adventure. The course is imposing, and you will progress to increasingly demanding driving challenges throughout the day. You can always share your treat with three friends or family members as the course is divided between three others in the car.

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