Bakkerud Takes On GRC Spotter Duties For Piquet Jr

by Vince Pettit

Ford Olsbergs MSE driver Andreas Bakkerud will be swapping his helmet for a headset this weekend as he joins the team in Barbados for the season opening Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship race.

The Norwegian took fourth place in the opening round of the WorldRX in Portugal but this weekend becomes a spotter for Nelson Piquet Jr. at the Top Gear Festival Barbados.

“As a spotter , it is my task and communicate with my driver during the race.” explained Bakkerud.

These duties also extend to pre-race tactics and coaching the former-F1 racer. “It will be an inspiring and exciting challenge for me too. Nelson is definitely a good driver” he added.

Bakkerud believes Piquet Jr. has what it takes to win in GRC this season, “I was present when he tested for the first time in France earlier this winter, and he was fast from the first metre. At the same time, he needs more knowledge about the rallycross and it will be my task and do the best in this area.”

Despite the travelling back and fourth between Europe and America, Bakkerud is looking forward to the challenge and feels he can learn from it himself. “I feel that this will develop myself and my career as a driver in a positive direction. Nelson’s driving style is not unlike my own and together I think we will be able to learn alot.”

Bakkerud heads back on track himself next weekend; when the World Rallycross Championship heads to England and is positive of another good weekend

“Now it appears that we have found the right setup,” he explained. “We have run about 60 laps and I’ve been told that I need to step on the accelerator earlier.”

If all goes well at Lydden Hill we will see something special for the third round: “I also promise to grow a moustache for Hell – but only if I’m leading the standings after World RX of Great Britain!”

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