Skorupski Still Learning But Ready For Finland

Monster Energy World RX Team driver Krzysztof Skorupski is hoping for a change of luck in Finland after having a challenging start to the season.

A host of mechanical issues have ended his forward charge on previous weekends but he has shown true pace picking up heat wins along the way.

I’m really looking forward to racing in Finland” said Skorupski, “and have been waiting for this race to come around since the beginning of the year. I know I’ve had quite a lot of bad luck in the first three races of the championship, but I’m hoping that this next race [in Finland] will be a turning point.”

With Skorupski in an upbeat mood he is looking forward to putting what he has learnt so far this season in to play.

“I’m still learning and adjusting to the car – and I have improvements to make with my driving. It’s a typical Scandinavian track, which means you have to be very precise while still going as fast as possible.

“The jumps will be a new experience for me in a Supercar, and also it will be interesting as this is the first circuit where the joker is not on the first corner. Everyone is going to have to get around the first corner cleanly! I’ve had some good experiences in Finland in the past in Super1600.

“The last time I was there we broke some suspension components in the heats, but still managed to fight through to the front of the final. I won a qualification race again in Norway, so I’m really focused on doing the same and more next weekend.”