ADAC Formula 4 to run in Germany from 2015

by Paul Hensby

The low-cost, entry level Formula 4 Series will make its debut in Germany next season as it replaces Formel ADAC. They will become the latest country to introduce Formula 4, joining the Italian F4 championship that began this season, as well as Formula 4 Sudamericana that races in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Formula 4 was introduced in 2013 to be a single-seater category with identical cars that could be used in any Formula 4 event to save on manufacturing costs. Its aim is to provide a route into Formula 3 and beyond for young up-and-coming drivers.

From 2015, as well as the German series, Australia, Japan and Great Britain will host official FIA Formula 4 Championships. The current BRDC Formula 4 in the UK is unrelated to the official championships, with cars not common to those that run in the official series. The new Great Britain Formula 4 Championship will take over from the British Formula Ford Championship.

ADAC Sports President Hermann Tomczyk is happy to have brought F4 to Germany, and hopes it enables young drivers to take the first step on their way through the motor sport ladder.

“We are providing a modern platform for junior open-wheel racing in Germany with the introduction of ADAC Formula 4,” said Tomczyk. “Consequently, there will be a seamless path for trainees up from Formula 4 to Formula 1 via Formula 3, while complying with the most advanced safety standards throughout. There are still some organisational issues that need to be clarified with the FIA, but I am confident that ADAC Formula 4 will become a reality in Germany next year.”

President of the FIA Single-Seat Commission Gerhard Berger was delighted that ADAC are bringing Formula 4 to Germany, and hopes it becomes an important stepping stone on a drivers route to Formula 1.

“Germany sets an example and is a key market for motor racing trainees throughout the world, so I am very pleased that the ADAC is planning to introduce the FIA F4 Championship in 2015,” said Berger. “I am certain that this championship will provide a stepping stone for many future F1 drivers.”

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