LIVE: Formula 1 2014 – British GP – Free Practice One

The British Grand Prix gets underway today and The Checkered Flag will be live blogging the entire Free Practice One to make sure no one misses anything as the 50th GP at Silverstone kicks off in force.

Joe Hudson July 4, 201409:48

We are less than 15 minutes away from the first session kicking off!

Joe Hudson July 4, 201409:51

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:00

The green light is on at the end of the pitlne and KMag is the first man out

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:03

Magnussen has a big slide coming out of Luffield, managed to hold on to it

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:09

Hamilton comes back in as the steering isn’t straight. Hopefully it is a quick fix

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:15

Maldonado has had dramas before he has even left the pits, team pushing him back to their pit box now

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:19

Three cars have finally set times and Susie Wolff has gone fastest with a 1:44.212

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:20

8 cars have now set times and it is Button currently fastest with a 1:38.412 as Susie Wolff has stopped on track just before Club

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:22

Oil pressure warning being reported over the radio by Wolff, hopefully it isn’t session over

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:27

Massive crash for Massa and the red flag is out, not entirely sure where it is as yet.

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:28

Ah its at the pit lane entry, must have lost control going out of Stowe. Not a good day for Williams

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:28

Left his foot in to try and recover the car but it just kept going into the wall

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:31

Only benefit is that Wolff’s car can now be brought into the pits to fix that problem

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:36

The clock is still ticking down, the flatbed has grabbed Massa’s Williams

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:40

Williams mechanic confirms session is over for Wolff, engine damage is terminal.

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:41

Session will restart in another two minutes

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:43

And we are back to green flag running!

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:48

Kvyat one of the few out at the moment, about half a second behind Rosberg’s fastest time

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:53

Rosberg still fastest with the two Ferraris directly behind

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:54

Rosberg may have an ERS problem according to team radio

Joe Hudson July 4, 201410:57

Hamilton has jumped to a tenth behind Rosberg who’s ERS problem seems to have been resolved

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:00

Caterham is off at Becketts, not sure if he can get it back on the black stuff

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:03

Only two cars haven’t set a time, and that is Frijns and Maldonado

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:11

Rosberg still fastest from Hamilton, Alonso third and Ricciardo fourth

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:19

We are closing in on the final ten minutes and track is gradually filling up now

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:22

Frijns in the Caterham does not look comfortable at all, the rear end is sliding all over the place

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:32

The session is now finished and the Mercedes pair have finished 1-2

Joe Hudson July 4, 201411:32

Come back later where we will have live coverage of Free Practice Two

Vince Pettit July 4, 201411:38

Top 10 drivers of Free Practice 1

1. Nico Rosberg
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Fernando Alonso
4. Daniel Ricciardo
5. Kimi Raikkonen
6. Sebastian Vettel
7. Jenson Button
8. Daniil Kvyat
9. Jean-Eric Vergne
10. Kevin Magnussen