Webster Streaks Ahead at Snetterton

Josh Webster (Redline Racing) has thrown down a mighty gauntlet to Michael Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) after completing a dominant weekend at Snetterton in the Porsche Carrera Cup of Great Britain by winning the final race on Sunday afternoon.

Webster has simply not faltered throughout the meeting and once again jumped Meadows at the start, this time of the rolling variety. The second rolling start of the race that is.

Guest driver Richard Muscat (Redline Racing) faltered as the cars moved onto their formation lap but was allowed to start the race as normal as opposed to from the pitlane. This meant he had to complete his formation lap and was only part way around the circuit as the other cars rolled up to the start line.

Organisers decided it was unsafe to release the cars into the race with Muscat still on his formation lap and so aborted the start. The Australian was allowed to take up his fifth position on the grid but a second formation lap was required and therefore the race distance was reduced by one.

Nevertheless such details would prove academic to result. Whilst Meadows remained somewhat closer to Webster during race eleven than in race ten, he never mounted a serious bid. Once again the victor remained modest about his personal performance, saying “The team did an incredible job and the car was fantastic.” Muscat recovered from his drama to finish on the podium once again.

Pro-Am1 provided entertainment and plenty of it. Justin Sherwood (Team Parker Racing) bested Rob Smith off the start and led his Redline Racing rival throughout the early stages. However, Pro class driver Paul Rees (In2Racing) would have an effect on the battle. Rees was battling back from an early excursion at Agostini after a fight with Victor Jimenez (Redline Racing) and Pepe Massot (Parr Motorsport) over fourth position.

He would outfox Smith and after following Sherwood snuck by him too. Sherwood seemed to lose his rhythm after having been overtaken by the Pro class driver and opportunist Smith dived through mere corners later and took his second Pro-Am1 victory of the day.

That was not the end of Sherwood’s maladies though, as he was re-joined by rival Jordan Witt (Redline Racing). The pair collided again, this time at Montreal, but both continued. Witt would cross the finishing line ahead of Sherwood but was adjudged to have been at fault for the incident and a time penalty demoted him behind his rival.

Drama was the order of the day in Pro-Am2 as well as title rivals Steven Liquorish (Team Parker Racing) and Peter Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) collided on the opening lap. Both continued and it was Liquorish who on this occasion emerged victorious. He summarised the result simply, commenting, “I just had to keep it neat and tidy and stay off the curbs.” One suspects that was far easier said than done.