Hamilton – “We are always asking to be able to race”

Speaking in the Thursday press conference at the Italian Grand Prix Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton revealed that he is unsure how hard F1 drivers can push each other following the decision by the FIA to not punish Nico Rosberg for the collision in Belgium.

Despite Rosbergs’ admission that he could have avoided the accident, the FIA remained unmoved on the matter and refused to reopen an investigation in to the incident despite the new evidence.

“I think the FIA have a really tough job and particularly over the last couple of years they have done an exceptional job on a majority of the calls,” said Hamilton

“Their problem is that the scenario is always different so the same rule doesn’t always apply exactly – sometimes it is difficult to say which rules apply to what situation.

“Does that mean we can now all say we can race a lot closer and if the guy in front comes off and is out of the race nothing will happen, so they will be more relaxed about it? Or does it mean if it happens again there will be a penalty?

“We are always asking to be able to race. It is hard out there to manoeuvre a car at high speeds without sometimes having contact, but there is a fine line. I don’t have the full answer to it.”